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The challenge.

For a caring community


There’s no question about it: Newton’s a terrific city. It’s beautiful. It’s safe. It’s got nationally admired schools, thriving businesses, lovely homes, and trails and parks and gardens.


Yet challenges lie ahead. We need innovative housing solutions. A “greener” city. Creative ways to address changing demographics.


Most importantly, we need to nourish a climate of caring for one another. Of getting to know our neighbors. Of helping all of us feel part of one community.


Because human connection is at the heart of our well-being.

- for a more caring city -

Imagine this:


  • A city that thinks out of the box in terms of creative housing options, such as co-housing and house-sharing, that nurture communal life, contribute to sustainability, help seniors age in place, and are affordable.


  • A truly pedestrian-friendly and cyclist-friendly city where the streets are made for walking and the roads for riding, and our citizens are out and about.


  • A city that loves community gardens for all the benefits gardens bring: cooperative action, the productive use of land, and of course fresh local food.


  • A city committed to diverse forms of community-supported daycare so that young families can afford to live here.


  • A city that encourages locally-owned shops and eateries run by your neighbors and rewards them for their communal contributions.


  • A city where there are public events for every sector of the population. Think carnivals and concerts and movies in the parks, beer festivals and art exhibitions and a monthly city-wide social.


  • A city where teenagers aren’t forced to congregate in convenience store parking lots but instead have vibrant community centers with great programming where they can expand their horizons and grow.


  • A city where block parties are the norm and neighborly interdependence is actively pursued, because nearby networks help us all.


  • A city that harnesses the power of the Web to create user-friendly apps that connect each other for ride-shares, swaps, freecycling and other forms of sharing, because does everyone really need their own lawnmower?


  • Above all, a city that makes human connection and caring a civic priority. Because research confirms what we all intuitively know: human connection is at the heart of our well-being.

Final thought.

We all know the expression: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Let’s turn that around and say: “It takes all of us to make a village.”


Let’s work together to create a truly caring, vibrant and connected community in which all of us can live and thrive.