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Kind streets in Newton

Eli Katzoff for Mayor of Newton!  
- for a more caring city - 

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I’m running for Mayor because I see what the city can become and have a vision for achieving that. Newton has a lot of great things going for it, but in recent years people have become more and more disconnected. Neighbors don’t know neighbors, and people live more separate lives than they used to.

Yet stronger social connections and meaningful social networks lead to healthier, happier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

And, most importantly, they lead to a better, more caring society.

As a city, we can do great things to address our pressing challenges—to create the kind of housing the city truly needs, insure a robust economy, enable seniors to age in place, be good stewards of the environment—if we come together as a more connected, more caring community.


Imagine this:


  • Out-of-the-box housing solutions, such as co-housing and house-sharing, where groups live together economically and sustainably.


  • Bike lanes on every main road and a flourishing bike-share program so that residents can ride to work and school and be out and about.


  • Lawn farms and backyard gardens for growing food where neighbors work with neighbors and the excess is donated to local food pantries. Because 1 in 8 households in Newton lives below $25,000 a year.


  • Village centers with apartments, shops, and community spaces where working people with modest incomes and young people can afford to live, bringing economic diversity to our city.


  • Creative housing options for seniors so they can remain in their homes and neighborhoods.


  • Regular block parties and neighbors staying connected through usable apps about barters, swaps, freecycling and sharing.


Final thought.

We all know the expression: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Let’s turn that around and say: “It takes all of us to make a village.”


It comes down to a question of character: What kind of city do we want to be? Let’s work together to create a truly caring, vibrant and connected community in which all of us can live and thrive.